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San Marcos
Fraijanes Limited Edition

Light roast option available soon!

  • Antigua

    One of the finest Guatemalan coffees. Distinguished by its complex flavour and hint of cocoa. The Antigua region is surrounded by three volcanoes and harbours ideal soil and climate along with a natural water supply that ensures the growth of excellent quality coffee.

    Main Characteristics

    Elegant but full bodied with a soft spicy flavour while rich and velvety before a bitter sweet chocolatey after taste

  • Fraijanes Limited Edition

    Jewel & Kong’s own plantation in the Fraijanes plateau is a coffee growing region in Guatemala in the mountainous area north of lake Amatitlan. Elevations from 4,000ft to 6,000 ft provide the perfect climate for Strictly Hard Bean. The benefit of volcanic pumice soil and extra rainfall gives our coffee a distinctive citrus flavour.

    Main Characteristics

    Full bodied with a hint of citrus and a distinct acidity accompanied by a soft aroma.

  • San Marcos

    The San Volcanic San Marcos region has the warmest climate and highest rainfall of Guatemala’s eight coffee growing regions. The coffee here is grown at elevations between 4,000 ft and 6,000 ft above sea level. This perfect climate produces 100% Arabica beans of the highest quality that flower earlier creating subtle floral notes.

    Main Characteristics

    Delicate floral notes present in aroma and taste with a hint of roasted hazelnut and a subtle smokeyness.