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Coffee Plantation

Our coffee located 21 kilometers (13 mi) from the capital, Guatemala City.

The city is surrounded by mountains and the Coffee plantation is split into two designated areas – 60% is allocated to coffee plants for harvesting with the remaining area dedicated to the planting of forestry trees alongside miniature natural ecological reserves.

Who we are

The Lobos family, originally from Guatemala with a Spanish background decided to follow a dream in the coffee industry.Erwin Lobos, Guatemalan entrepreneur, decided in 1985 with his wife of 45 years to start a new adventure in the coffee world.

They bought a piece of land in an area called San Jose Pinula in the Fraijanes Plateau which is 21 kilometers from Guatemala city, an area surrounded by mountains and forest; the perfect place to grow coffee.

For Mr. Lobos the importance of family was paramount, and so, he and his wife started a bold new venture to mark the beginning of a new era in the Lobos family and their relationship to coffee, creating a legacy that would last for years to come.

Tales of Jewel & Kong

Esmeralda Lobos

Esmeralda Lobos is an Entrepreneur from Guatemala.  After doing a degree in International Relations & Business in Guatemala Esmeralda went on to study Political Science  and French at the prestigious McGill University after which she spent several years building a Montreal based Boutique Luxury Apartment Company. Esmeralda’s business related travels have also included time working in the fashion industry in Miami.

With a rich heritage in coffee and a family plantation in Guatemala Esmeralda has been travelling the world with an eye for opportunities to bring the finest Guatemalan coffees to other shores.

Chris Peters

Chris Peters is an entrepreneur who has been involved with the events industry,bars and clubs both here and abroad for the last 17 years. He currently provides boutique pop up bars with professional Mixologists and Flair bartenders for some of the worlds biggest brand names.

Also an accomplished musician and pianist, Chris has come from a background of supporting, playing and writing for several well known artists on the London music scene. For Chris this combination of experience in events, music and the drinks industry makes the possibility bringing great coffee to people all over the world a very exciting prospect.