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Giving Back

Guatemala has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. Only two out of every 5 children finish school and almost 31 percent of citizens over the age of 15 can’t read according to the CIA world fact book.

One of the biggest problems that Guatemalan schools face is the lack of space and materials they need to facilitate the education of children. This is especially true in rural villages where the indigenous people live, where few schools are properly equipped.

Education for life

54 km from Guatemala City in the Chimaltenango area, Jewel & Kong are working with local partners to provide it’s people, who are of Cakchiquel Mayan Descent, with the tools they need for an education. This much needed aid allows the local people to fulfil their potential and give themselves a sense of optimism for the future.

Jewel and Kong will continue to look at how best to assist the local people with the things they need to allow the growth and flourishing of education in the region.